Smoking Pot… On a School Bus

Let me start by saying, I WAS NOT the one smoking pot on the bus. My mother would kill me if I did. Therefore, I have never done drugs (non-prescribed of course). That is besides the point. In highschool, many kids do drugs. *sarcastic gasp* I have known this since about 5th/6th grade when we were taught about drugs, alcohol, effects etc. etc. I knew that going into highschool, there would be kids that do drugs. However, it never registered in my mind exactly how close I would come into contact with them.

I take the bus on the way to school and also from school. So, here I am sitting on the bus at the end of the school day waiting for kids to get on the bus. It doesn’t take long until the bus is eventually full (that is at a 48 student capacity or sometimes even more). While on the bus there are these two guys in grade 11 or maybe 12? Anyways, they ask another guy if he has water. Me, being the naive little 14 year old, thought oh, they must be thirsty or dehydrated. Keep in mind this literally happened a week ago. The bus starts to move on the route that it takes to get us home. The 2 guys (lets call them tweedledee and tweedledum) start to turn their backs away so that what they are doing isn’t visible unless you have a bird’s eye view aka stand up. They ask around for lighters and I hear their other grade 11 and 12 friends start to laugh and snicker. They are saying things like “They’re gonna do it. They’re gonna do it”. At this point I’m getting a bit nervous. The thought of them smoking weed on the school bus came to me but I thought no, they’re not really gonna do that.I mean, on a school bus?!? no way… It turns out I was wrong. They then proceed to switching seats with a guy that was sitting alone towards the back of the bus. I being my lucky self, am sitting towards the back of the bus. It was 15-20 minutes of me suffocating. They were ACTUALLY smoking weed in the back of the bus. Mini bongs and all. That was the first time I had come into such close contact with drugs. Oh, and not to mention the second hand smoke that I was experiencing. This “tradition” (them smoking) continued for the rest of the week. The bus I was on officially became “The Stoner Bus”. I’m going to develop lung cancer by Christmas if this continues to happen.

P.S. The bus driver was “nose-blind” at least that’s what i’m going to call it. How did he not smell it?

QOTP(question of the post)- What would you have done if this happened to you? Any advice on how to survive the stoner bus?